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Depicon provides services in the domain of business development, with over 25 years of experience in the aerospace industry, and administration support. 

About us

Depicon was founded in 2012 by Hans Deprez who brings with him a vast experience in business development and coaching. 

Depicon has a strong history in Aerospace connecting world leading part manufactures with aircraft builders in Eastern Europe. Due to the recent conflict in the region Depicon had to reorient its focus and is now active on the European market, connecting world players and aerospace start ups with European aerospace manufactures.

In addition to this, Depicon offers freelance administrative support.

Hans Deprez

Depicon founder Hans Deprez has over 25 year of international experience in business development specifically in the aerospace business worldwide.e

I`m a problem solver, communicater who likes to connect the dots. Over 30 years of experience, of which 20 in the aerospace, in business development. Where everybody stops I continue to work on a common solution. Win-win for all parties involved is crucial. Long term relationship and friendships are my ambition.

People are my passion.

An Van Oost

After 27 years of experience working for a worldleading company doing international project management, An joined Depicon in 2015 as Business Office Manager, where she is an charge of all administration that comes with a company. 

From managing agenda’s, organising travels and exhibitions to keeping a close watch on finance and keeping paperwork under control, An has relentless energy when it comes to turning administrative chaos to a smooth running organisation.  

An brings with her a long-standing experience as employee, employer and independent entrepreneur.   Knowing both sides, she can relate to the way of thinking of entrepreneurs and recognizes the challenges and opportunities that comes with doing business.

An understands the importance of an efficient and correct running administration and is happy to share her knowledge and experience as a freelancer.  

Services only available in Belgium

What Services Do We Offer?

Aside of the business development expertise, we also offer freelance administrative support

Business Development

We specialize in tailored business development solutions that foster growth and forge lasting partnerships, ensuring mutual success for your ventures.

Administrative Support

Are you a small business owner drowning in paperwork, overwhelmed by administrative tasks, or struggling to maintain order in your operations? Your solution is here!

Why An for administrative support?

Ready to experience the transformation that precision, discretion, and order can bring to your business? Let’s collaborate and create the ideal administrative solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Every detail matters, and I leave no room for error. From managing your schedules to tracking expenses and maintaining records, my meticulous approach ensures accuracy at every step.

Trust is paramount. You can count on me to handle sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality. Your data is safe in my hands.

Is your office overwhelmed by clutter? Documents scattered, appointments missed, and tasks forgotten? I specialize in bringing order to the chaos, turning disarray into a structured and efficient workflow.

Free up your valuable time and energy to concentrate on growing your business, while I take care of the administrative heavy lifting.

With my international project management background, I bring a global perspective to your operations. Whether you’re dealing with international clients, suppliers, or partners, I can help you navigate the complexities seamlessly.

No two businesses are the same. I customize my services to align with your unique needs and objectives. Your success is my priority.

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