DEPICON assigned as distributor for Air-Craftglass

Equipment | 31 July 2017 |

Air-Craftglass signed a distribution contract with Depicon in July.

The first of Air-Craftglass' products could be admired at Depicon’s stand at the aviation exhibition MAKS International Space and Aviation Salon in Zhukovsky - Moscow on 18-23 July, which resulted in a number of interesting leads.

Air-Craftglass has a special laminating technique which allows  to produce ultra-thin laminated glass sheets. Deployed in OEM products, these specially developed, lightweight aircraft glass solutions help them pass the rigorous standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization and the airline industry. Air-Craftglass solutions meet and exceed the specifications of leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors in terms of preventing smoke, fire, toxicity and other potential effects.

Recently Air-Craftglass developed a range of transparent products which can be deployed as dust panels/lenses (1), bulkheads, shower doors, cabinet glass and for other uses. They also developed ultra-thin mirror glass (2), as well as an application that involves real wood laminated between two sheets of ultra-thin glass (3). These mirrors can be used in lavatories or kitchens, while the laminated wood can be used for items such as cabinets and table tops.

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