Depicon at HeliRussia

Event | 19 May 2016 |

Depicon participated for the first time with an own booth at Helirussia.


Hans Deprez already attended all HeliRussia shows.  First for Barco, later for EuroAvionics and Monitorsoft.   However, this year Hans decided it was time to promote Depicon and show Depicon’s extended customer protofolio.


HeliRussia is still thé helicopter exhibition with participation of all major helicopter manufacturing companies worldwide.

In spite of the “import substitution” program in Russia and the diffiuclties with the Embargo, Depicon still believes in a cooperation with  the Russian Aviation companies.

European and US technology are still in demand. However, we can`t ingore the additional work involved to receive approvals for these contracts.

We may also not forget that more and more Helicopter manufactures decided to move assembly to Russia, they count on their suppliers to support the local suppliers, which means set up of local support offices is something to consider.


Depicon stays positive in these difficult times and still finds opportunities to close deals for its customers in these markets.


Last but not least,  a small word of thanks to the organization for the support and we are looking forward to participating again next year!

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