Improvement of Training and Efficiency of Disaster Operations

Workshop | 13 June 2013 |

On the 4th of June, Depicon organized -in cooperation with Emercom and Centrospas- the first workshop on "Improvement of Training and Efficiency of Disaster Operations". About 20 specialists of different departments of Emercom and the Ministry of Health were welcomed with a good Belgian coffee. After the welcoming word by Mr. Hans Deprez, Depicon and Mr. Andre De Rijck, FIT, the workshop kicked off with a presentation of Acrosoma.

Acrosoma presented their unique concept of composite stitched panels which can be used for emergency helipads as well as pavements and flooring in emergency hospitals. With a small sample of the helicopter pad, the specialist gave a good impression of the capabilities of these light-weight panels.

EuroAvionics, represented by Mr.Thomas Latacz, demonstrated their expertise in Situational Awareness Systems. Through realized project with main SAR and HEMS service in the world (e.g. REGA, DRF, UMTS, etc) they showed how the EuroNav increases safety, improves efficiency and reduces the operational cost of the airborne fleet.

After a small coffee break, Skytrac presented how Iridium improves the communication, voice and messaging, and flight tracking of the complete fleet and hence improve efficiency. Skytrac and EuroAvionics released -for the first time in Russia- their cooperation on a Skytrac module which can be integrated in the EuroNav 7 system. This unique cooperation from these two market leaders resulted in an easy and low cost installation of Iridium communication and tracking in any helicopter or aircraft.

In the afternoon, Barco, Belgium’s leading Avionics company presented their high quality displays for mission and cockpit applications. Barco’s MDU268 or TX338 offers the perfect solution to visualize the Euroavionic’s EuroNav in the cockpit or to the Technical Flight officer. In a second part, Barco showed their expertise in training simulator projectors.

Aerosimulators continued on the simulation and training. Mr. Piet De Backer showed the companies competences in Helicopter and Aircraft simulations, Gimble training simulations and Ambulance and HEMS simulation. The EMST (Emergency Medical System Training) system showed how a full Crew Management Training can be organized. Due to the unique trailer concept the training can be brought to the trainee instead of vice versa.

Finally Centrospas and Zaschita, leading institutes on disaster medicines and training, made very interesting presentations on how they are organized. They showed their specialized capabilities of the high skilled and specialized intervention teams, e.g. dogs intervention team, divers, mountaineers, doctors and surgeons etc.. They also gave some background information on the operational side of a disaster intervention. Zaschita from there side demonstrated how they currently train their HEMS people. In a renovated MI2 helicopter they train and simulate the real situation to a maximum extent. The workshop ended with an interesting panel discussion between all parties, which continues during the Belgium beer and chocolate reception. 

Depicon would like to thank all participants, sponsors, FIT and especially Ms. Galina Pouskova and Mrs. Nadya Andreeva for their excellent translations during the day.

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