AnB-Rimex and Depicon: first results booked!

Smart house | 15 June 2015 |

AnB-Rimex is a well-placed manufacture of Home automation and intrusion security systems in Belgium. They are more than 20 year present and develop their own product line that can be combined with third party equipment (e.g. cameras).

3 years ago AnB-Rimex and Depicon signed an agreement for joint cooperation to enter the Eastern European market. AnB wanted to extend their business in Eastern Europe and gave a white sheet to Depicon to build out a dealer network.

Last year the first dealer selection founded place and today AnB signed dealer agreements with Uneek (benefit trade) in Belarus and Smart Space in Russia. Both dealers already made their first orders and the first installations are done or on-going.

Currently Depicon is evaluating a second potential dealer in Russia, and one in Kazakhstan.

The results where possible due to a close cooperation between AnB and Depicon. AnB understood as no other that entering these markets needed careful preparation and that long standing results could not be booked on short time frame. Today AnB sees the first results and sees big potentials in the future of this market.

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