72 Years of Antonov

Equipment | 01 June 2018 |

Depicon and Esterline CMC Electronics visited Antonov in honor of Antonov's 72nd birthday.

HeliRussia 2018

Event | 24 May 2018 |

HeliRussia, held in Moscow region, May 24-26, 2018 is one of the most significant helicopter exhibitions world wide.  Also this year,top Russian officials and decision-makers of the most significant companies in helicopter business were present. DEPICON's Hans Deprez and Ivan Panov manned the DEPICON booth and were joined by representatives of Euroavionics, Aerosonic and Esterline.

KADEX 2018

Event | 23 May 2018 |

For the first time, DEPICON had their own booth at the KADEX V INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF WEAPONS SYSTEMS AND MILITARY EQUIPMENT. The exhibition was held May 23–26 2018 in Astana, KZ.  DEPICON's Michiel Brewee manned the booth.

DEPICON opens Russian Office in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region

Company management | 01 March 2018 |

To provide our business partners more visibility and to act even faster in the Russian market, DEPICON opens an office in Zhuhovksy, Moscow region. Zhukovsky is internationaly renowned as the heart of Aviation and Aerospace in Russia.  No better place for DEPICON  than to be in the center of Aerospace activity. Ivan Panov is Director of DEPICON RU and will handle day to day business from his new office.

Astroseal selects Depicon as representative for Eastern Europe.

Equipment | 24 October 2017 |

Depicon is pleased to announce that another world player in Aviation selected the services of the Depicon team. We are very happy to promote the Astrostrike® Lightning Strike Protection mesh in the Eastern European aviation market. Astroseal is since 1983 involved in composite lightning protection and is used by Airbus and Boeing.

DEPICON expands in Russia

Company management | 12 September 2017 |

Depicon is pleased to introduce Mr Ivan Panov as our official representative in Russia.  Ivan graduated at MIPT as aviation engineer with cum laude diploma; also he has UK MBA degree.  For the last three years he has been working in TsAGI (Russian equivalent of NASA) at managerial positions. We are looking forward to further expand our business in Russia and wish Ivan every success in his new challenge.

DEPICON assigned as distributor for Air-Craftglass

Equipment | 31 July 2017 |

Air-Craftglass signed a distribution contract with Depicon in July. The first of Air-Craftglass' products could be admired at Depicon’s stand at the aviation exhibition MAKS International Space and Aviation Salon in Zhukovsky - Moscow on 18-23 July, which resulted in a number of interesting leads. Air-Craftglass has a special laminating technique which allows  to produce ultra-thin laminated glass sheets. Deployed in OEM products, these specially developed, lightweight aircraft glass solutions help them pass the rigorous standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization and the airline industry. Air-Craftglass solutions meet and exceed the specifications of leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors in terms of preventing smoke, fire, toxicity and other potential effects. Recently Air-Craftglass developed a range of transparent products which can be deployed as dust panels/lenses (1), bulkheads, shower doors, cabinet glass and for other uses. They also developed ultra-thin mirror glass (2), as well as an application that involves real wood laminated between two sheets of ultra-thin glass (3). These mirrors can be used in lavatories or kitchens, while the laminated wood can be used for items such as cabinets and table tops. Visit Air-Craftglass website here      

MAKS2017 successful show for DEPICON

Event | 23 July 2017 |

DEPICON had its own booth at MAKS in the Flanders Investment and Trade section.  The renowned International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2017 held in Zhukovskiy, Russia is the best platform to demonstrate our customer's capabilities. MAKS is supported by the Government, which guarantees attendance of top officials.   All major players of the industry were present, showing their latest achievements in the field of aviation and space technologies.  452.300 persons visited the 2017 edition! For the DEPICON team it was a very busy yet fruitful week.   Visit MAKS website here

DEPICON assigned as representative for Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) UK

Equipment | 20 July 2017 |

DEPICON was assigned as represetative for ECS products in Eastern Europe Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) was founded by Managing Director Colin Bullock in 1988. The company has put growth and development at the forefront of its operation, increasing steadily in size over the past 25 years to its current operation. ECS designs and manufactures specialist COFDM data links optimised for use in the high level military and internal security domains.  ECS also designs and produces a range of programmable jammers (RF Inhibitors) to counter the threat from RCIED’s.  An award winning company, ECS designs all products in-house and excels in providing the full spectrum of training and support needed to give a customer a complete national, sovereign capability. All ECS products are ITAR free. Visit ECS's website here    

DEPICON signs representative agreement with DECONTEX NV

Equipment | 30 June 2017 |

DEPICON signs representative agreement with DECONTEX NV, based in Bruges, Belgium DECONTEX NV created a system, based on NASA technology that cleans fire service uniforms after every intervention, significantly reducing the exposure to toxic particles. Decontex applies a unique procedure in which all the uniforms are cleaned with the aid of liquid CO2. Liquid CO2 penetrates into the deepest fibres of the textile, loosening and removing the most harmful and toxic particles. Not only does this technique improve the safety of fire officers, it also reduces the number of suits that need to be thrown away, which is a huge cost saver. Read all about DECONTEX on their website :  

DEPICON booth at HeliRussia 2017

Event | 24 May 2017 |

This edition again, DEPICON had its own booth at HeliRussia 2017. HeliRussia is Europe's largest helicopter expo, gathering 237 companies from 21 countries.  With over 11K visitors, it allows DEPICON to introduce their customers to a broad audience, as well as to conduct numerous meetings with existing contacts.   Skytrac (Canada), a DEPICON customer, had a specialist available at DEPICON's booth to provide an explanation on the latest developments on iridium communication, flight following and flight data monitoring.

DEPICON closed sales for SKYTRAC's Automated Flight Tracking System for UTair’s International Peace-Keeping Mission

Equipment | 05 May 2017 |

Depicon succesfully facilitated sales of SKYTRAC's automated flight tracking services to UTair-Helicopter Services’ fleet of 46 Mil-8 Helicopters. SKYTRAC supports the company’s international peace-keeping missions with contractually-compliant high precision flight tracking, real-time automated event notifications, and air-to-ground voice and text messaging. The full press release can be found on          

Neftegaz 2017 - Succesful for HTMS

Equipment | 20 April 2017 |

Neftegaz 2017 - Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gaz Neftegaz 2017 appeared a very successful exhibition for HTMS, Depicon's customer. Several meetings took place at HTMS booth with both existing customers and new potentials. High Tech Metal Seals have great opportunities in Russia, Depicon will pursue the numerous leads to win new business.   LTR picture : Ilya S'edin - Louis Serneels (HTMS) - Hans Deprez (Depicon) - Michiel Brewee (Depicon)

Succesful contract closing between Antonov and Esterline Treality

Simulators | 06 April 2017 |

Depicon successfully rounded up the contract between Antonov and Esterline Treality for the visualization system for the An132 simulator. The contract was handed over on April 6 by Oleksandr Voitseshchuk (Antonov) to Kristof Vierin (Esterline) in presence of Mr. Luc Jacobs, Ambassador of Belgium in Ukraine.  In the picture LTR Mr. Luc Jacobs - Mr. Kristof Vierin - Mr. Voitseshchuk - Hans Deprez  

AN-132D maiden flight with Aerosonic and Esterline Auxitrol on board

Equipment | 31 March 2017 |

ANTONOV's new multipurpose aircraft, the AN−132D, took its maiden flight on March 31, 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine, with on board, equipment of Depicon's customers Aerosonic and Esterline Auxitrol. The first prototype of the new aircraft flew for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Aerosonic provided pitot static probes, AOA and heater monitor.  Esterline Auxitrol has their TAT on board.  

Belarus trip representing Urban Crops and AnB RIMEX

Event | 12 March 2017 |

Last week Depicon went on a 5 days businesstrip to Belarus to represent Urban Crops and AnB RIMEX. We’ve had meetings with the three biggest greenhouse complexes and with Doctor Alexander Autko, renomated Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and greenhouse vegetables. Furthermore we’ve set up a shop-in-shop for AnB RIMEX with a design retailer Vision House.

Depicon proudly introduces new employee

Company management | 06 March 2017 |

As of today, March 6, Michiel Brewee joins Depicon as Business Development Manager. Michiel, originally from Brugge, Belgium obtained a MA in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a MA in Sport Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies in Amsterdam.  Michiel started his career as project manager for the overall launch of a new mobile operator in Belgium and built up experience in intermediation and sport management. Later, Michiel acted as intermediate to set up Public Private Partnerships between European companies and Russian Governmental Organizations. The last three years Michiel was active as Property and Asset Manager within real estate investments.  We wish Michiel every success in his new challenge.  

Depicon selected as Sales Representative Office for Urban Crops.

Equipment | 27 December 2016 |

Urban Crops, specialist in Vertical Farming, selected Depicon as their Sales Representative office for Belarus and Russia. Urban Crops creates fully automated indoor farming systems. Please take a look at Urban Crops' website  to discover the FARMFLEX a flexible and climate controlled container that allows you to grow plants in 4 layers, adding up to 50 square meter of growing surface.  Or the fully automated version : the FARMPRO a fully automated and climate controlled container to grow plants in 4 layers adding up to 80 square meter of growing surface within 1 single container.  

Antonov132D roll out

Equipment | 20 December 2016 |

Depicon was invited to witness the roll out of the Antonov132D. The ceremony was impressive and attended by numerous dignitary, a lot of press and many hundreds of people. On this aircraft, Aerosonic provided all sensors.   Antonov's press release can be found here

Roll out of AN-132D at Antonov

Equipment | 12 December 2016 |

DEPICON will attend the ceremony of the AN-132D aircraft demonstrator roll out, which is one of the key stages of the international programme of a new AN-132 multipurpose aircraft development.  The roll out will happen on December 20.

Depicon at Airborne Technologies UNEX conference

Integration | 17 November 2016 |

Airborne Technologies gathered industry experts at a two day ISR seminar for both police and military sector. The event offered a mix of key speakers, information sessions on airborne police work, the changed global security, homeland security and the supporting technologies, as well as hands on training and product presentations by different selected suppliers.  

Major Esterline - Antonov deal, facilitated by Depicon, in Belgian press "De Tijd"

Equipment | 15 November 2016 |

Esterline will equip the cockpit of one of the largest cargo planes in the world, the AN124, with their displays.  Esterline will also develop screens for the cockpit of 60 passenger aircrafts AN148.  They will not only supply the navigation screens but also the EICAS (Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system) screens that control the functionality of the engines. This value of this contract is 49 mio Euro.  Depicon is very proud of this major win. Read the article here.    

Aviasvit 2016 - Kiev

Event | 10 October 2016 |

For the first time, Depicon participated Aviasvit with an own booth. Depicon hosted a "Belgium Day", with the support of Mr. Jacobs, Belgium Ambassador to Ukraine. Along with Mr. Jacobs, a formal delegation of Belgian's officials gathered at the booth for a reception.  Also a large number of Depicon's customers honored Depicon with their presence during the drink. Another official moment was the signature of cooperation between Antonov and Esterline Triality, Depicon's customer, for the visualization systems for AN 132 program.    

Ghelendzik - GidroAviasalon XI - September 2 - 4

Event | 02 September 2016 |

Depicon visited Gidroaviasalon, the International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on hydroaviation.   Many important players in worldwide aviation attended which allowed Depicon to meet with numerous existing and new contacts. The exhibition took place at the premises of the experimental test base of Beriev Aircraft PJSC and Gelendzhik airport. There is an airshow, as well as demonstrations of amphibious aircraft on the ground, in the air and on water. The first BE200 built at Taganrog was shown.  The exhibition was visited by Mr. Manturov, minister of Industry and Trade.

Depicon seals major deal between Antonov Ukraine and CMC Canada

Equipment | 13 July 2016 |

Antonov, based in Kiev, Ukraine will equip their next generation An-148/158/178 family jets with aircraft avionics made by Canada's CMC Electronics.  Depicon initiated the first contacts and facilitated throughout the whole negotiation period, leading to this successful deal.

Depicon at HeliRussia

Event | 19 May 2016 |

Depicon participated for the first time with an own booth at Helirussia.   Hans Deprez already attended all HeliRussia shows.  First for Barco, later for EuroAvionics and Monitorsoft.   However, this year Hans decided it was time to promote Depicon and show Depicon’s extended customer protofolio.   HeliRussia is still thé helicopter exhibition with participation of all major helicopter manufacturing companies worldwide. In spite of the “import substitution” program in Russia and the diffiuclties with the Embargo, Depicon still believes in a cooperation with  the Russian Aviation companies. European and US technology are still in demand. However, we can`t ingore the additional work involved to receive approvals for these contracts. We may also not forget that more and more Helicopter manufactures decided to move assembly to Russia, they count on their suppliers to support the local suppliers, which means set up of local support offices is something to consider.   Depicon stays positive in these difficult times and still finds opportunities to close deals for its customers in these markets.   Last but not least,  a small word of thanks to the organization for the support and we are looking forward to participating again next year!

EuroAvionics Customer Conference

Equipment | 25 April 2016 |

Depicon participated the Customer Conference organized by EuroAvionics in Pforzheim, Germany. EuroAvionics presented their new products and service concept. Monitor Soft, EuroAvionics' partner in Eastern Europe was also present. Depicon and EuroAvionics have a long standing relationship and Depicon is proud to support a world leading company as EuroAvionics .  For more information go to

Neftegaz - Moscow

Equipment | 22 April 2016 |

Depicon organized a tour in Russia including a visit to NEFTGAZ exhibition for his partner HTMS. Together with HTMS representative, several potential customers where visited. These meetings resulted in first price offers and cooperation intentions. At least 3 companies in Russia are now testing the High Technical Seals for their specific application. HTMS, in close cooperation with Depicon, are monitoring the first integration and advise the end user via their Uneek customer support. Depicon manager, Hans Depez, is convinced that HTMS will soon take a significant position in the Eastern European market.


Smart house | 04 April 2016 |

AnB-Rimex and Depicon participated on Mosbuild from April 4 to 8 together with their Russian dealer Smart Space.  The Mosbuild exhibition attracked an impressive number of visitors and proved to be very succesful for AnB-Rimex.

Depicon and ANB-Rimex strengthen market position in Kazahstan

Smart house | 22 February 2016 |

To further strengthen their market position, ANB-Rimex and Depicon representatives visited ANB-dealer DIGIS.  During their stay, an indepth training on ANB-Rimex products was conducted to the commercial and techical departments at DIGIS.  A follow up meeting with DIGIS’ key personnel took place at ANB-Rimex in Herstal, BE. This training allows DIGIS’ team to further enhance sales of ANB-Rimex product in Kazahstan.

Depicon signs representation contract with Aerosonic LLC, USA

Integration | 17 January 2016 |

Depicon signed a represenation contract with Aerosonic, based in Clearwater, FL, USA. Under this agreement, Depicon will represent all of Aerosonics products in Russia, Belarus, Kazahstan and Ukraine. Founded in 1953, Aerosonic has grown to be a leader in aviation instrumentation and avionics equipment – including air data systems, standby displays, digital and mechanical standby instruments, sensors and probes. Their customers include the major manufacturers of today’s civil, military and business fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms as well as all branches of the US military forces.  

Depicon represents Esterline CMC Electronics, Canada

Integration | 06 January 2016 |

Depcion signed an agreement to represent Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC), based in Quebec, Canada. Under this agreement, Depicon will focus on the Ukraine market to promote CMC products. Esterline CMC Electronics, founded in 1903, designs and produces leading technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets.  CMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation, a specialized aerospace and defense company   Esterline CMC Electronics is a major supplier to the aerospace and high-technology industries, airlines, military agencies and government customers around the world.  

Skytrac successful in Ukraine with support of Depicon

Equipment | 12 August 2015 |

Skytrac, producer and provider of Iridium voice-message and flight following devices successfully closed 2 important deals in Ukraine with the support of Depicon. The Skytrac Isat 200A system which is fully compliant with the latest UN requirements has been integrated in the MI 8 helicopters from Ukraine Helicopters. The same system will also been installed in the MI8MSB helicopter from Motorsich in cooperation with the integrations company Stork from Kiev. Depicon opened the market and guided the full sales process for these projects.

Depicon comments in Belgian newspaper

Event | 05 August 2015 |

Onstabiele roebel hindert ook Belgische bedrijven - Door een ingreep van de Russische centrale bank is de roebel de voorbije dagen fors in waarde gedaald. De onstabiele koers baart Belgische bedrijven in Rusland kopzorgen.

Company Stork will integrate the EuroNav 7 with the MDU 268 for the MI8MSB demo helicopter

Integration | 27 July 2015 |

The company Stork selected the Euronav 7 HTAWS system from EuroAvionics in combination with 2 Mission displays from Esterline Belgium. Both companies relay on Depicon for their business development in eastern Europa, Ukraine. Stork will install a first complex in their demonstrator by the end of 2015. In parallel the first integration in the MI8MSB demo helicopter will be installed and certified. Once the certification is done, this mission station will be offered to several potential user of the MotorSich MI8-MSB. Depicon was responsible for the development and sales of this project.

AnB-Rimex and Depicon: first results booked!

Smart house | 15 June 2015 |

AnB-Rimex is a well-placed manufacture of Home automation and intrusion security systems in Belgium. They are more than 20 year present and develop their own product line that can be combined with third party equipment (e.g. cameras). 3 years ago AnB-Rimex and Depicon signed an agreement for joint cooperation to enter the Eastern European market. AnB wanted to extend their business in Eastern Europe and gave a white sheet to Depicon to build out a dealer network. Last year the first dealer selection founded place and today AnB signed dealer agreements with Uneek (benefit trade) in Belarus and Smart Space in Russia. Both dealers already made their first orders and the first installations are done or on-going. Currently Depicon is evaluating a second potential dealer in Russia, and one in Kazakhstan. The results where possible due to a close cooperation between AnB and Depicon. AnB understood as no other that entering these markets needed careful preparation and that long standing results could not be booked on short time frame. Today AnB sees the first results and sees big potentials in the future of this market.

Depicon - AnB-Rimex - UNEEK Successful Breakthrough in Belarus

Smart house | 19 May 2015 |

Depicon found in Benefit Trade, also known as UNEEK a reliable partner for AnB-Rimex to penetrate the Belarus market. The cooperation between AnB-Rimex and UNEEK proved itself fruitful since the Mariott Hotel in Minsk is now equipped with AnB-Rimex home automation equipment.

Improvement of Training and Efficiency of Disaster Operations

Workshop | 13 June 2013 |

On the 4th of June, Depicon organized -in cooperation with Emercom and Centrospas- the first workshop on "Improvement of Training and Efficiency of Disaster Operations". About 20 specialists of different departments of Emercom and the Ministry of Health were welcomed with a good Belgian coffee. After the welcoming word by Mr. Hans Deprez, Depicon and Mr. Andre De Rijck, FIT, the workshop kicked off with a presentation of Acrosoma. Acrosoma presented their unique concept of composite stitched panels which can be used for emergency helipads as well as pavements and flooring in emergency hospitals. With a small sample of the helicopter pad, the specialist gave a good impression of the capabilities of these light-weight panels. EuroAvionics, represented by Mr.Thomas Latacz, demonstrated their expertise in Situational Awareness Systems. Through realized project with main SAR and HEMS service in the world (e.g. REGA, DRF, UMTS, etc) they showed how the EuroNav increases safety, improves efficiency and reduces the operational cost of the airborne fleet. After a small coffee break, Skytrac presented how Iridium improves the communication, voice and messaging, and flight tracking of the complete fleet and hence improve efficiency. Skytrac and EuroAvionics released -for the first time in Russia- their cooperation on a Skytrac module which can be integrated in the EuroNav 7 system. This unique cooperation from these two market leaders resulted in an easy and low cost installation of Iridium communication and tracking in any helicopter or aircraft. In the afternoon, Barco, Belgium’s leading Avionics company presented their high quality displays for mission and cockpit applications. Barco’s MDU268 or TX338 offers the perfect solution to visualize the Euroavionic’s EuroNav in the cockpit or to the Technical Flight officer. In a second part, Barco showed their expertise in training simulator projectors. Aerosimulators continued on the simulation and training. Mr. Piet De Backer showed the companies competences in Helicopter and Aircraft simulations, Gimble training simulations and Ambulance and HEMS simulation. The EMST (Emergency Medical System Training) system showed how a full Crew Management Training can be organized. Due to the unique trailer concept the training can be brought to the trainee instead of vice versa. Finally Centrospas and Zaschita, leading institutes on disaster medicines and training, made very interesting presentations on how they are organized. They showed their specialized capabilities of the high skilled and specialized intervention teams, e.g. dogs intervention team, divers, mountaineers, doctors and surgeons etc.. They also gave some background information on the operational side of a disaster intervention. Zaschita from there side demonstrated how they currently train their HEMS people. In a renovated MI2 helicopter they train and simulate the real situation to a maximum extent. The workshop ended with an interesting panel discussion between all parties, which continues during the Belgium beer and chocolate reception.  Depicon would like to thank all participants, sponsors, FIT and especially Ms. Galina Pouskova and Mrs. Nadya Andreeva for their excellent translations during the day.

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