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Today “integrated avionics” does no longer apply to the aircraft only. Aircraft operators need to know the status of their aircrafts at any given moment and be able to feed this information back to the crew in their ERP systems. DEPICON can offer you through its customers fully integrated flight preparation, flight following, crew management, Flight Date Monitoring (FDM) and data acquisition solutions.

  • Company management tools
  • Company management tools
  • Company management tools
  • Company management tools

EuroAvionics provides an extended range of integrating Ground tools which offers you -in combination with the EN7 flying system- a fully integrated company managment tool. The combination of the Easytask ground station, the Easyweigh mission Pad and the Data Communication Server together with the EN7 system offers you full solution for:

Full flight preparation/ flight planning Crew managment
Aircraft managment
Flight following
Performance calculations
Weight and balance calculations
Transfer of data between A/C and ground
Integration with ERP systems

Through the Skytrac Isat 200A system, based on Iridium Satellite technology you can follow and communicate with you fleet everywhere in the world. The ISAT 200A on board system in combination with the Skyweb webbased ground tool or Skyweb mobile application allow you to follow and communicate with your fleet every second of the way.

The ISAT 200A can also help you to reduce your grounding time. Via the Flight Data Monitoring capabilities, your aircraft can feedback in flight, via iridium satellite, overshoots of critical parameters and inform your maintenance crew on their Skyweb mobile app of any issues, even before the aircraft has landed. As such your maintenance people can prepare maintenance, possible replacement of part before the aircraft is on ground. This reduce your AOG , enlarge your reliability and may as such lower your insurance costs.

Both Skytrac and EuroAvionics ground tools, give you the integration capability with ERP systems, as such you can upload data during the flight or during taxi and feed these data directly to your bookkeeping, crew managment resource or maintenance team.

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Depicon works with several professional partner, in a highly specialized markets. Via Depicons customer base, Depicon can offer full integrated solutions as well as stand alone equipment in different segments of the Aerospace market.

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