Aerospace - Airports & hangars

Airports & hangars

Depicon supports following companies who can be found in your airport:

  • Airport & hangers

Dynaco fast running doors are suitable for airport hangars, conveyer belt doors, entries for people, etc. making you save a lot of money on your energy bill.

AVT is specialized in moving hight weights up to 50.000 tons. You can find AVT solution all over the world in hangars and industrial buildings.

Monitorsoft is a Russian company providing software solution for Departure and Arrival Management and Air Traffic Management as flight planning systems, ground communication and air navigation systems.

Our partners in the industry

Other aerospace industries

Depicon works with several professional partner, in a highly specialized markets. Via Depicons customer base, Depicon can offer full integrated solutions as well as stand alone equipment in different segments of the Aerospace market.

  • Aerosonic
  • Aero Simulators
  • EuroAvionics
  • Esterline
  • HTMS
  • Skytrac
  • AnB Security
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